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The Renzi® Advanced Heel Pedestal System with Recovery Technology™ (Renzi®) is a drum accessory that replaces the standard heel plate on the bass drum, percussion and/or hi-hat pedals for drummers and percussionists who are looking for greater comfort while playing and fewer repetitive stress injuries so they can keep playing for years.
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Dana Dohmen

Artist Spotlight with Germany’s Dana Dohmen, explains why she loves using the Renzi® and its benefits of the “Block” or R100 Top Plate with its proprietary “Recovery Technology™” material built into the top; with the red Honeycomb pattern for added strength and support. 

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Playing the drums can be HARD on your body.

You aren’t always comfortable.

You can get repetitive stress injuries to the feet, legs and` lower back that last for years.

You might be worried about your future as a player. 

Playing drums or percussion SHOULD be easier, right?

We hear you and understand just how stressful this can be.

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John Renzi believes you shouldn’t have to destroy your body to play drums or percussion—which is why the company invested more than 6 years designing and perfecting the Renzi®JUST FOR YOU!

  • Founder John Renzi became totally and permanently disabled in 2011. As a passionate drummer and musician, John started looking into a way drummers and percussionists could establish full body ergonomics (or Human Factors) regardless of disability (or restricted and limited body range and motion), age, size, gender, or level of play, to attain a NEW level of Comfort, Stability, and Sustainability while mitigating player discomfort and injury, while seated or standing behind the player’s kit.
  • John is a former accomplished drummer, teacher, and Berklee College of Music grad
  • Holds 6 Patents for the technology used
  • Member of NAMM

Drummers and Percussion Players LOVE the Renzi®!

DRUMMER, Zero gravitation


After playing with and without the Renzi® kits on the drum and hi-hat pedals, the difference with my lower body position, comfort, stability, balance and noticeably less stress and fatigue while playing with the Renzi® kits installed, I installed the Renzi® kits on all of my drum and hi-hat pedals…and have never looked back since!  All I can say is that I wish I would have had the Renzi® system when I started playing at 11 years of age…but I am glad they are available today.

World Famous PErcussionist

I am a Latin percussionist, who plays standing up much of the time. The Renzi® Advanced Heel Pedestal System is an extremely handy device that helps me keep my balance by allowing me to stay balanced and remain flat footed while playing pedals standing up. This helps the groove and helps me maintain my endurance on long sets by evenly distributing my weight so that I’m not putting all my weight on one leg. I thank you Mr. Renzi… and my hips thank you!!

Fred Aching Rios
drummer, Powerflo

I’m so proud to be part of the Renzi® family, there’s nothing better than taking care of yourself. I am a hard hitting drummer and let me tell you that the Renzi® Advanced Heel Pedestal System™  has helped me to improve my drumming enormously. Playing drums has never been the same without the Renzi® Stomp Louder® Advanced Heel Pedestal System™ under my feet! 

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Figure out your pedal models for the bass drum pedal and/or high hat or percussion pedal
Install and get ready to play comfortably without the risk of drum-related repetitive stress injuries
Proper Starting Position for your Feet on the Renzi® Advanced Heel Pedestal System (AHPS)™ With Recovery Technology™

Life with the Renzi® will be incredible!

Less Pain

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No more stress about possible injuries

Play with greater stability and comfort

Enjoy playing the drums like never before!

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