Drumming is a very physically demanding and dynamic activity that requires a tremendous amount of muscle conditioning, endurance, strength and coordination. In the February 2016 copy of Drum Magazine, Mr. John Lamb wrote a very significant article on “The Anatomy Of Pedaling”.  On page 39, the article starts out by stating that; “When it comes to refining hand technique, we love to scrutinize the most microscopic details of our stick grips ad infinitum.  Yet many drummers settle for essentially the same pedal technique they used the first time they ever sat down behind a drum kit.  So here’s what goes on mechanically when you pump your pedals, how to do it right, how to do it wrong, and how to make it easier and faster.”

We included a PDF of the actual complete article and a link which will take you to current magazine issue.  We hope you take time to read this compelling article and see how Renzi® Stomp Louderc, Corporation chose to look at the percussionists needs by taking a revolutionary and cost effective approach towards solving a real need in the drum pedal sector (as referenced in Mr. Lamb’s article) by using the manufacturer’s pedal design and modifying the ‘heel plate’ location to accept the Renzi® Stomp Louder®  Advanced Heel Pedestal System (AHPS)™ to help increase performance at an affordable price making the Renzi® YOUR new standard in heel plate alternatives.

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